On-site training special offer!

Only 20 (Available to southern UK customers only)

We are offering our southern UK customers a bargain priced on-site training visit with every handheld serial data analyser sold before the end of May 2011 (conditions apply, see below).

The visit will last for up to two hours, and is intended to provide "one to one" hands-on training in the use of the analyser. This will be provided by a professional engineer with a thorough knowledge of the product and its applications.

It is anticipated that the offer will be taken up in one of three ways:

1. We can deliver the analyser to site, unpack it, and provide immediate introductory hands-on training on its operation.

2. We can visit by appointment and provide introductory training after the analyser has been delivered and booked into a company in the normal way.

3. We can visit by appointment to help with a particular application, once the user has become familiar with the basic operation of the analyser. 


(a) The cost of this offer is 20.00 plus VAT
(b) It is available only with SDA-02 handheld analysers ordered by the end of February 2011
(c) Geographical limitation - this offer applies only to sites in the southern half of the UK mainland, i.e. the southern half of England or Wales. (Enquiries about more distant visits welcome)
(d) The visit date needs to be booked within one month of the analyser being shipped
(e) Dates are by arrangement, and subject to staff availability
(f) The training is "one to one" i.e. for small groups, using the analyser purchased. It is not a large scale audio-visual presentation 

To discuss, or accept this offer when purchasing, please contact us for a quotation in the normal way, click here for details

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